DPhil student

Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford

email: louis.cortes@chem.ox.ac.uk



DiStruc project title: Microfluidic directed structure of LC phases in confinement

Supervisors: Dirk Aarts, Paul van der Schoot, Krassimir Velikov

Louis Cortes obtained his master degree in Theoretical Physics at the University of Bordeaux (France).  He specialised in soft matter through three experimental internships in industrial and academic laboratories situated in the region of Bordeaux. His last research work was done in the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal supervised by Dr Eric Grelet. The project focused on observing phase transitions of lyotropic liquid crystals in a continuous and reversible way, especially isotropic/nematic and nematic/smectic phase transitions.
Louis’ role within the network is to study the behaviour of colloidal liquid crystals in confinement, and under flow in microfluidic channels, where there’s a rich and complex interplay between liquid crystal elasticities, boundary conditions and interfacial phenomena. Single particle information will provide crucial new insights into the observed phenomena, of both fundamental and applied relevance. The work involves real-space confocal microscopy, laser tweezing, synthesis, microfluidics, and image analysis.