PhD student

CANOE, University of Bordeaux

email: follmer@plateforme-canoe.com



DiStruc project title: Wet spinning of nanocomposite fibres

Supervisors: Célia Mercader, Philippe Poulin, Paul van der Schoot 

Marie Föllmer graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart (Germany) in Packaging Technology (B. Eng.) in 2011. She performed her Bachelor Thesis in the field of bio-based packaging material development. After working on a research project about nano-fibrillated cellulose at the Centre Technique du Papier in Grenoble (France), Marie joined the international Master programme Polymer Science at the Free University Berlin, Humboldt University Berlin, Technical University Berlin and University of Potsdam (Germany). She graduated in 2014 (M. Sc.) with specialization in Polymer Processing. Her last research project was focused on the development and processing of thermochromic polymers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research in Berlin (Germany) in the group of Dr. A. Seeboth.

Marie’s contribution to DiStruc is an experimental and applied study of the structure and properties of nanocomposite lignin fibres obtained by wet-spinning processing. These fibres are aimed to serve as precursors for green and low-cost carbon fibres used for a new generation of high performance composite materials. Besides wet-spinning processing, characterization through rheology, microscopy, X-ray diffraction, mechanical- and thermal analysis are among the techniques used in this project. Marie is performing her work in Bordeaux (France) at the Research Company CANOE in collaboration with the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal, Department of Nanotubes and Graphene.