DPhil student

Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford

email: maxime.tortora@chem.ox.ac.uk



DiStruc project title: Directed structure through chirality: Simulations  

SupervisorsJonathan Doye, Eric Grelet, Christophe Magro

I am a theoretical physicist by training, with a background in numerical modelling and statistical methods. I obtained my Master’s degree in Theoretical Physics of Complex Systems from Université Paris 6 and École Normale Supérieure de Cachan in 2014. As part of my curriculum, I also spent 3 semesters studying Applied Mathematics and Nano-engineering at Université Paris 7 and Politecnico di Torino. My work in DiStruc revolves around the combined use of high-performance computing methods (MPI, CUDA) and state-of-the-art theoretical tools (Density Functional Theory, Markov chain Monte Carlo) to provide a full multi-scale description of chiral liquid-crystalline phases. 

Some of my previous research interests include computational aerothermodynamics, the modelling of anthropogenic climate change and living tissue morphogenesis, about which I am currently working on several articles.