PhD student

Eindhoven University of Technology

email: s.p.finner@tue.nl



DiStruc project title: Directed structure and dynamics in mesophases 

Supervisors: Paul van der Schoot, Jon Doye, Deniz Gunes

Shari Finner obtained her Bachelor's and Master's degree in Physics at TU Dortmund, Germany. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Jan Kierfeld, she worked on computer simulations and the theoretical description of active colloidal suspensions. After studying the behaviour of self-propelled spherical particles in dilute systems, she focused on the modeling of microtubule dynamics in gliding assays. Additionally, she completed research internships in solid state theory and polymer physics at Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge) and Monash University (Melbourne).
For her PhD project with DiStruc at TU Eindhoven, Shari is now developing a dynamical percolation theory to study the temporal network formation in dispersions of rod-like particles and its proximity to liquid crystalline phases.